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"NightSky is the 'Hummer' of the outdoor movie and entertainment products...elegant, top quality yet rugged products designed for use, night after night...without a crew or much set up space."

"Any night is event night. I have even turned it on just to watch Leno from a hot tub."

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The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Experience™

Dazzle your guests

with the thrill of your own

big (18' x 24') Screen Theater

under the stars!

Resort managers can give their guests the unique experience of swimming pool cinema to remember their visit--while boosting food and beverage sales.

Apartment/Condo and Community Center managers can offer an amenity to truly set their development apart.

Homeowners can "wow" the neighborhood with the biggest multi-media party experience.

The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Party

Read our site to learn more about using the NightSky® Cinema System for hosting the ultimate outdoor entertainment party easily, with professional, yet simple to use equipment.  Use your NightSky Cinema System for:

  • Outdoor movies
    (both lawn and swimming pool cinema)
  • Karaoke
  • Music Videos
  • Sporting Events
  • Your Own Film Festival
  • Private Parties and Catered Affairs